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May 18 2008

MCD Number Four

Shawn Cheng Matt Wiegle John Mejias Guest Artist
Sean McCarthy

06.30 Red vs Black
06.26 Knights Errant
06.22 Monks
06.18 Lurking Ifrit
06.14 Twisted Terrain
06.10 Ammut's Judgment
06.06 Altered Geometry
06.02 The Book, Splattered...

06.27 Dirty Arcade I
06.23 Football
06.19 Drawing Self
06.15 Father's Day
06.11 Test The Vehicle
06.07 I was Young Once
06.03 Job

06.28 Art of Soapboxing 2
06.24 Art of Soapboxing 1
06.20 Set List
06.16 Old Man Geary
06.12 How We Are
06.08 Jester
06.04 Contributors

06.29 Remission
06.25 Balaam
06.21 Void
06.17 Haborym
06.13 In The Grey
06.09 Uvall
06.05 Peristalsis
06.01 Andrealphus

William Crump

05.29 Monkey vs Crab
05.25 Monster Sketches 2
05.21 Monster Sketches 1
05.17 Cover Sketch
05.13 Character Sheet
05.09 Obasan
05.05 Half-Orc
05.01 Gnome

05.30 Dragor Sketch
05.26 Discarded Bacon
05.22 MCD Five
05.18 MCD Four
05.14 MCD Three
05.10 MCD Two
05.06 MCD One
05.02 Remembered Birthday

05.31 Stupid Waste
05.27 Forever Hungry
05.23 That Guy
05.19 Gauguin 1889
05.15 Gericault 1822
05.11 Latrec
05.07 Bureaucratic Puppet
05.03 Construction

05.28 Moratorium
05.24 Traitor
05.20 High Lonesome
05.16 Mtn of Westward...
05.12 Mtn of Tomorrow's...
05.08 Mtn of the Quiet Spirit
05.04 Grandfather Mountain

Stuart Kolakovic

04.27 Deafening Dino
04.23 Dancing Dinos
04.19 Disembowel / Prowl
04.15 Internal Parasite
04.11 No Lumberer
04.07 The Librarian
04.03 Orc Barbarian

04.28 Aaaaah!
04.24 Patch On Jeans
04.20 Surfacing
04.16 Also Failed
04.12 The Crude Blobs
04.08 Thing and Friends
04.04 Metal Policeman

04.29 So What? Sample 5
04.25 So What? Sample 4
04.21 So What? Sample 3
04.17 So What? Sample 2
04.13 So What? Sample 1
04.09 Endpapers
04.05 Z
04.01 Eyes

04.30 Excerpt, Never Been 3
04.26 Excerpt, Never Been 2
04.22 Excerpt, Never Been 1
04.18 Rollersnakes T
04.14 Slavic Weather Demon
04.10 The One The Only Mag
04.06 Plan B Magazine
04.02 El Bosque Magazine

Sara Edward-Corbett has left Partyka to pursue other avenues of comicking. You can see her work at
Guest Artist


William Crump William Crump
High Lonesome

William Crump is a painter and ex-hillbilly from North Carolina. He lives with his wife and one year old daughter in New York City. Here are a few of his new drawings from a series called High Lonesome.
Tree Show IV @ GRSF Tree Show IV

May 17 – June 18, 2008
San Francisco

The fourth installment of Giant Robot's tree-themed group show includes Partyka's own Shawn Cheng! A portion of the proceeds will benefit San Francisco's Friends of the Urban Forest.
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Featured Item
No Fear Shakespeare Illustrated: Romeo and Juliet illustrated by Matt Wiegle

No Fear Shakespeare Illustrated: Romeo and Juliet
illustrated by Matt Wiegle

Shakespeare's classic, illustrated by Matt Wiegle. Youthful headstrongedness and easy access to stabbing weapons cause urban unrest in Verona, until two nice kids make some mistakes with poison and accidentally fix everything by dying. This project let Matt live without a "day job" for a year, and taught him that the mantra of the graphic novelist is "If I have time, I should go back and try to fix that."


Shawn Cheng
Matt Wiegle
John Mejias
Sean McCarthy

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