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My Partyka Dream by Zak Smith
Press Release: Graphic at Fredericks Freiser Gallery


1. To present to the public a new drawing, every day, from one of its four members.

2. To make available for sale a number of comics and zines by its members, friends and allies.

3. To promote the work of artists of whom we are fans, friends or allies.

How is PARTYKA pronounced?

PARTYKA is pronounced (pa:rīti-ka:ī). If you are unfamiliar with the IPA or with standard phonological syllabication, say the word "party", followed immediately by a "kah" sound. Perhaps most importantly, understand that PARTYKA does NOT rhyme with the name of 80's pop star Martika.

Why the name "PARTYKA"?

There is a car dealership located just north of New Haven, CT, that bears the name PARTYKA. Upon seeing its sign, someone (probably Sara) thought it was a great and amusing name, one that sounded like a war cry of some kind and, more importantly, contained the word "party". It turns out it's a common Polish surname meaning "chunk of bread", once denoting an impoverished person who owned nothing but a chunk of bread. In Czech, it apparently means "obscure salesman".

How do you all know each other?

Shawn, Sara and Matt all went to college together at Yale. They were all art majors, drew comics for the Yale Herald, and succeeded one another as Comics Editor for that venerable student weekly. Sean was a graduate student at the Yale School of Art, where he was Shawn's TA for Intermediate Painting. Sean and Shawn and Sara were all in a printmaking class together. Shawn and Sara introduced Matt and Sean late one night in a painting classroom, during a particularly unproductive all-nighter. We've all had a number of particularly unproductive all-nighters since then.

How can I contact PARTYKA?

We welcome all correspondences digital and analog.
Snail Mail
c/o Shawn Cheng
14 Maujer Street #12
Brooklyn, NY 11206
E Mail


PARTYKA is a comics / art collective founded in Brooklyn.
On this website you'll find our daily drawings, self-published
mini-comics, and guest artist galleries. We welcome all correspondences digital or analog.

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