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Guest ArtistAndy Bodor

December 2004

Andy Bodor is an artist, musician, impresario and agent provocateur who lives and works in New York City. His latest comics project is the 2004 (R)advent X-Mas Calendar, 25 days worth of mini-comics by 25 different artists packed into a convenient take-out container, the proceeds from which will benefit his latest entrepreneurial venture, the Cake Shop.
December 2004 Elevens Years of Bad Will
Featured Items
See How Pretty, See How Smart No. 4 edited by Sean McCarthy & Craig Taylor

See How Pretty, See How Smart No. 4
edited by Sean McCarthy & Craig Taylor

$5 | 28 pages | 8.5" x 11" | b&w xeroxed

Now co-edited by painter Craig Taylor (who designed the two-color silkscreen cover), this scatology- and eschatology-themed anthology features Andy Bodor's recollections of bizarre childhood hallucinations and a tribute to his former band, Loafmeister; three of Christian Holstad's creepily poignant "Eraserhead" drawings; thematically appropriate animal and monster drawings by Sean McCarthy; a lovingly abject glimpse into Jackson Pollock's daily life by Chris Patch; Zak Smith's comics about an ill-mannered pig, two smacking bastards and some nasty, nasty men; a rogues' gallery of filthy, pitiable creatures by Craig; two typically hilarious and impressively crafted comics by Matt Wiegle; and a strangely tasteful vision of a post-cultural diarrhea exhibit by Kevin Zucker. Sure to disturb and alienate nearly everyone.

"Pheh." — Razorcake

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See How Pretty, See How Smart No. 3 edited by Sean McCarthy

See How Pretty, See How Smart No. 3
edited by Sean McCarthy

$5 | 40 pages | 8.5" x 11" | b&w xeroxed

This animal-and-monster-themed anthology becomes even more monstrous in its third installment: 40 letter-sized pages of comics and art from Andy Bodor, Shawn Cheng, Jeffrey Lewis, Sean McCarthy, Theo Rosenblum, Zak Smith, Craig Taylor, and Matt Wiegle. The deluxe screen-printed cover features a silver background by Zak Smith and a 3-color, 3-legged lizard by Sara Edward-Corbett on the outside, and a 2-color monster mash by John Mejias on the inside.

"Works very well for the brave or the foolish."
— Shawn Hoke

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Paping 11: Us and Them edited by John Mejias

Paping #11: Us and Them
edited by John Mejias

$8 | 64 pages | 8.5" x 11" | b&w printed

The biggest Paping issue yet (letter-sized, 64 pages) features comics by Andy Bodor, Shawn Cheng, Sara Edward-Corbett, Drew Gold, Jeffrey Lewis, Sean McCarthy, John Mejias, Dave Miko, Scott Peffley, Zak Smith and Matt Wiegle. Professionally printed, perfect-bound, with a deluxe 4-color silkscreened book jacket designed by Dave Miko (colors vary).

"Breaks the mold of comics anthologies in a lot of ways."
Comic Book Galaxy

"Essential Stuff for fans of DIY graphic storytelling."
— Maximum Rock N' Roll

"Fucking gorgeous." — Razorcake

Out of Stock

Paping 10: Say As I Do edited by John Mejias

Paping #10: Say As I Do
edited by John Mejias

$4 | 48 pages | 5.5" x 8.5" | b&w printed

This is the issue we've been saving our nickels for. Paping #10 boasts 48 professionally printed pages of paternal parables, featuring Zak Smith, Drew Gold, Shawn Cheng, Sean McCarthy, Peter Maddalena, Meredith Gaydosh, Andy Bodor, and the inimitable Mr. M himself – John Mejias gives us 14 linocut pages of "The Teacher's Edition" that must be seen to be believed.

"It's beautiful." — NewPages

Out of Stock

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