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Guest Artist: Billy Mavreas

December 2005

Billy Mavreas is an artist and proprietor of the avant-garde curiosity shop Monastiraki in Montreal. His work has been collected in two books, The Overlords of Glee and Mutations: The Posters of Billy Mavreas, both published by Conundrum Press. He is also a member of the online art community Strawpixel, where the webbunnies first appeared.
December 2005 Webbunnies
Monster Island Three edited by Billy Mavreas

Monster Island Three
edited by Billy Mavreas

$15 | 144 pages | 7" x 8.5" | published by Conundrum Press

The third installment of the Monster Island zine anthology is chock full of comics and essays about monsters and comics. Partyka pal Billy Mavreas has gathered a fabulous lineup of North American artists to fulfill his frenetic yet cohesive vision of the "various oddities that percolate up from the deep thoughts of childhood reverie." Features Joe Ollmann, Fiona Smyth, Helene Brosseau, Sean McCarthy, Shawn Cheng, and many more.

"Mavreas has a sweet tooth for the peculiar, and he's gathered a mittful of like-minded independents, most of them direly underexposed."
— eye

"It was a distinct pleasure to discover the aesthetic finesse of both Sean McCarthy and Shawn Cheng."
— Hour

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The Overlords of Glee by Billy Mavreas

The Overlords of Glee
by Billy Mavreas

$10 | 76 pages | 7" x 10" | published by Conundrum Press

From Conundrum Press:
This beautiful perfect bound book collects together strips by the renowned underground comic artist Billy Mavreas for the first time, as well as many never before seen strips. These stories of monoliths, bunnies, and alchemical slugs have appeared in various international anthologies.

"The stuff looks insane: ornate, carefully and intricately wrought, cute, hilarious, disturbing, it's all there on the page."
— Hour

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