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Guest ArtistChris Wright

August 2008

Chris Wright was born near a swampy pond. He currently lives with a red-tail hawk, and draws comics with the bones of its prey.
August 2008 Familiar Drunkards and An Unhealthy Relationship
Featured Item
Inkweed by Chris Wright

by Chris Wright

$16 | 152 pages | 7" x 8.5" | published by Sparkplug Books

You can buy Inkweed, a collection of Chris's comics and drawings, at

(Hi. Matt Wiegle writing from inside parentheses to add that you also should buy Inkweed, a collection of Chris' comics and drawings. Because: the drawings are some of the best drunks and brutes you will see drawn, and the comics will take you to a place and leave you there. "The Urn," collected here, peeled the bark off the tree behind me as I read it. Mesmerizing.)

Buy from

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