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Guest ArtistDamien Jay

December 2008

Damien Jay lives in Berkeley, California with three cats, one dog, and one lady cartoonist named Minty Lewis. The coming year should hopefully see several new books by Damien. If all goes according to plan.
December 2008 Transparent Radiation
Featured Items
The Natural World #1 by Damien Jay

The Natural World #1
by Damien Jay

$4 | 28 pages | screenprinted cover

Animistic ghost story set in a medieval village. Walter is the only one who can see everything, but he can't tell anyone what he sees. First issue. Digest-sized mini with a screen-printed cover.

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The Tinderbox by Damien Jay

The Tinderbox
by Damien Jay

$10 | 44 pages | screenprinted cover

Full-color 44 page comic book adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's Tinderbox fairy tale. Featuring 3 magical dogs with big, big eyes. Screen-printed cover.

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Pocket Party #1 by Damien Jay

Pocket Party #1
by Damien Jay

$3 | screenprinted cover

Pocket-sized make-it-up-as-you-go comics featuring sea monsters, game show hosts, the forces of nature, and a stroll through deserted sections of Hannover, Germany.

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