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Guest ArtistDan James

December 2006

Dan James is a Ghostshrimp. He has earned a reputation as one of Cambodia's most well mannered mail men. His master thesis topic, "Why Jesus ate poor people", has garnered unprecedented attention in whispered dinner table conversation across Ugoslavia. He is currently imprisoned in Borneo for impersonating a building inspector. Upon his release he plans to start a non profit strip club for the illegitamate children of Bolivian prostitutes.
December 2006 Previews & Illustrations
Featured Items
Mosquito by Dan James

by Dan James

$12.95 | 152 pages | 6" x 6" | published by Top Shelf

The arrival of yet another grisly, taunting letter sets a vampire hunter off to confront his nemesis. On the fateful mission, he encounters suspicious townspeople, foreboding creatures, and puzzling clues. The otherworldly mystery and horror is beautifully compounded by the stark red-and-white art.

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The Octopi and The Ocean by Dan James

The Octopi and The Ocean
by Dan James

$6.95 | 56 pages | 8" x 8" | published by Top Shelf

Beneath the waters rages an ancient power struggle, between good and evil, brain and brawn, cleanliness and brutality — that is, between octopi and sharks. The outcome now hinges on a mysterious artifact and the curious little boy who must retrieve it. This imaginative, mostly wordless story is told with bold blue swaths and quirky details. Cephalopods in disguise, fold-and-mail diving suits, rampant roaches — this one's got it all!

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