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Chadwick Whitehead
Satisfactory Comics
Joey Weiser
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Olga Volozova
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Chris Wright
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William Crump
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Joe England
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Rob Sato
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Craig Taylor
Zak Smith
Khoi Uong
Henry Stokes
Once a month or so, PARTYKA invites a member of its elite circle of friends to contribute sketches, drawings, paintings, comics, and whatnot.

Jonathan Ehrenberg Jonathan Ehrenberg
New Work

Jonathan Ehrenberg is a painter who grew up in New York City where he currently lives and works.

January 2011
Liz Baillie Liz Baillie
Hidden Treasures & Secret Worlds

Liz Baillie is a cartoonist/illustrator hybrid working out of Brooklyn, NY.

July 2010
Irena Jurek Irena Jurek

Irena Jurek was born in Krakow Poland. She spent her formative years roaming the streets of the Chicago suburbs. In 2008, she moved to Brooklyn, in order to begin a new life for herself. Her paintings aim to delight and pleasure your eyes.

April 2010
MK Reed MK Reed
Details, Details

MK Reed is a writer/cartoonist and lives in a halfway house for cartooning types in Brooklyn. She is part of the glorious union of Punchbuggy Studios with Liz Baillie & Matt Wiegle, and is currently working on her own comics at

March 2010
Peter Maddalena Peter Maddalena

Four years ago Peter Maddalena began what he intends to be a lifelong project of drawing a face a day in the subway on his way to work from Brooklyn to the Bronx. After work, he trudges home, including a nice long nap on the train, and then turns the morning's sketches into woodcuts. He makes murals from the woodcuts with each face acting as a pixel in a larger image.

January 2010
Sally Bloodbath Sally Bloodbath
Enjoy or Discard

Sally Bloodbath is co-editor, along with the impossible Erin Griffin, of the bi-annual anthology Always Comix. She usually wastes her time and everyone else's with autobiographical comics, but, thankfully, is currently illustrating MK Reed's epic work of teenage heartache, Catfight.

December 2009
Zak Smith Zak Smith
Labyrinth Pictures

Road of Knives co-conspirator and dungeon master extraordinaire Zak Smith is back with drawings from his latest tile piece (still in progress) – demons, monsters, and sexy cyborg space pirates galore in an awe-inspiring labyrinth of Escherian proportions.

November 2009
Roger Human Being Roger Human Being
Devil Church Sketches

Partyka pal and Hungry Brother Roger Human Being is working on a book about a Christian Metal kid growing up in the late '80s. Here are some sketches!

October 2009
Erin Griffin Erin Griffin
Hugs & Mugs

Erin Colby Griffin is best known for her dock heckling, but does draw dots and lines from time to time. She co-edits Always Comix, a bi-annual anthology with the stunning Sarah Louise Wahrhaftig and is currently working on a comic about a Civil War Steamboat's wet dream with the illustrious Nils Balls. Her newest book, Chanel & Cigarettes, will be out in September.

September 2009
Chadwick Whitehead Chadwick Whitehead
"Alchemy" & Other Drawings

Chadwick Whitehead animates, draws comics, makes prints and plays songs. He grew up mostly in Michigan and studied picture-making in Chicago, Tokyo and New York. He lives in Brooklyn, New York and loves his parents.

July 2009
Satisfactory Comics Satisfactory Comics
Satisfactory Lecture Doodles

Rootin' tootin' collaborative-cartoonin' professors Isaac Cates and Mike Wenthe dip into their archives to give us "Satisfactory Lecture Doodles," a series of pictorial academic "notes" drawn by one and colored, later, by the other.

June 2009
Juliacks Juliacks

Comics and multi-media installation and performance artist Juliacks is this month's Guest! Be on the lookout for her upcoming books – Rock That Never Sleeps, a collaboration with Olga Volozova, premiering in June; and Swell, the complete book, due out in October.

May 2009
Joey Weiser Joey Weiser
Kaiju Life

Joey Weiser grew up in Bloomington, Indiana where he learned to love all things mundane but appreciate some good fantasy now and then. He currently lives in Athens, Georgia with his beautiful wife, Michele, and their naturally fat feline, Eddie.

April 2009
Dustin Harbin Dustin Harbin
What Heaven Looks Like

Partyka pal Dustin Harbin is here to shake things up: March's Guest Artist slot will be a month-long debutante ball for his new project, What Heaven Looks Like.

March 2009
Olga Volozova Olga Volozova
The Airy Tales and Other Things

Olga Volozova is an L.A.-based artist/writer; she does illustration, cartoons, web design, some of her projects also involve puppets, claymation and paper dioramas.

February 2009
Damien Jay Damien Jay
Transparent Radiation

Damien Jay lives in Berkeley, California with three cats, one dog, and one lady cartoonist named Minty Lewis. The coming year should hopefully see several new books by Damien. If all goes according to plan.

December 2008 & January 2009
Idiots'Books Idiots'Books
Matthew Swanson (writes the words) and
Robbi Behr (draws the pictures)

Small press Idiots'Books publishes a series of satirical illustrated commentaries on the human condition, books that range across subjects from god to adolescence, French colonialism to self-loathing, and funnel cakes to traffic theory. Usually funny, often irreverent, the volumes challenge conventional understanding of the relationship between word and image.

November 2008
Minty Lewis Minty Lewis
Attractive Tomato & Other Works

Joining the Daily Drawings CSA just in time for the harvest season is Minty Lewis, creator of Fruit Pals and the continuing series in which they appear, P.S. Comics. The harvest this month includes: a poodle at a desk; a bird with horn-rimmed glasses; a tomato in a bra. Mmm!

October 2008
Danica Novgorodoff Danica Novgorodoff
Selections from Slow Storm

Partyka pal Danica Novgorodoff has her first book coming out this month, from First Second Books! It's got a Kentucky firefighter, a Mexican immigrant, a tornado, a volcano, and wonderfully atmospheric colors. Check out these excerpts.

September 2008
Chris Wright Chris Wright
Familiar Drunkards and An Unhealthy Relationship

Chris Wright, author of Inkweed, graces Partyka this month with two galleries of hypnotic crowquillery. In Familiar Drunkards, seven liquors approach eleven elliptical maws; meanwhile, An Unhealthy Relationship offers a portrait of a fragmented couple and their broken affection.

August 2008
Matt Kish Matt Kish
The Robot Masters: A Love Letter To Mega Man

Partyka pal and the creator of Spudd 64 Matt Kish shares the first of an ongoing series that pays homage to everybody's favorite robo platformer.

July 2008
Sean McCarthy Sean McCarthy
Demons and Related Abstractions

Former Partyka-er Sean McCarthy returns with this gallery of demons and other organic abstractions. These beautiful, meticulous drawings were part of his first solo show at Fredricks & Freiser in New York City.

June 2008
William Crump William Crump
High Lonesome

William Crump is a painter and ex-hillbilly from North Carolina. He lives with his wife and one year old daughter in New York City. Here are a few of his new drawings from a series called High Lonesome.

May 2008
Stuart Kolakovic Stuart Kolakovic

Stuart Kolakovic hails from the Midlands, England; home to Black Sabbath and Industrial pollution. He has an unhealthy obsession with all things Slavic and is constantly worrying that he could one day go blind.

April 2008
Joe England Joe England
Maniacal Laughter

Sketches for an upcoming book of illustrated verses. New images will be added (roughly) daily, so check back!

August 2007
Sarah England Sarah England
Variations with Clark Kent's Haircolor

Surreptitous subway sketches and other drawings by ballpoint-pen-wielding editor Sarah England.

July 2007
Danica Novgorodoff Danica Novgorodoff
Fat Animals & Other Drawings

Corpulent critters, cityscapes, and costume concepts from Partyka pal Danica Novgorodoff. Be sure to follow the link to get a sneak peek of her new work, Slow Storm.

May 2007
Naoshi Naoshi
Iceman Series and Apple & Rabbit Series

Bright and charming sand paintings by Japanese sunae artist Naoshi! Plus, be sure to check out the bonus "How To Make Sunae" section.

March 2007
Babette Wagenvoort Babette Wagenvoort
Fairly Domesticated

A beastly selection of drawings from the series 'Life According To A Rectilinear Personality' by micro-expressionist Babette Wagenvoort.

February 2007
Matt Kish Matt Kish
The Eschaton According to Spudd

Check out the gallery of Archons, Strange Satellites, plus brand-new work by Matt Kish, the creator of the cosmic comic Spudd 64.

January 2007
Dan James Dan James
Previews & Illustrations

Recent illustrations from the infamous Ghostshrimp. Plus, previews of the upcoming Polyglot and a never-before-even-heard-of Secret Project!

December 2006
Khoi Uong Khoi Uong
Shift Alt Insert

Classic Marvel covers, deftly altered and recolored by the photoblogger extraordinaire of Infrangible fame.

November 2006
Eleanor Davis Eleanor Davis
Masks and Hair

A set of lovely watercolors by Eleanor Davis, one-half of the Georgian comics team Little House Comics. A Partyka exclusive! Eleanor lives and works with her boyfriend, fellow cartoonist Drew Weing, and as of yesterday three cats.

October 2006
Icecreamlandia Icecreamlandia

Icecreamlandia is the incomparable tag team of Eve Englezos and Joshua Moutray. Their work has been featured in such esteemed publications as Hey, 4-Eyes!, Blurred Vision, The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2004, and the SPX Anthology 2003. They live and work in Kansas City.

September 2006
Onsmith Onsmith
Rummage Drawer

Onsmith lives in Chicago with his girlfriend and two cats named after mythical reindeer. His comics, prints, and illustrations have appeared in the Chicago Reader, the Portland Mercury, The Common Review, Hotwire Comix and Capers, Vice Magazine, Graphics Classics, and may also be viewed at

August 2006
Rob Sato Rob Sato
Burying Sandwiches Sketches

Check out the gallery of never-before-seen sketches, designs, and prints from the making of Rob's Xeric-winning comic book.

July 2006
Rob Sato Rob Sato
Paintings & Drawings

Rob Sato is the author and illustrator of the comic book Burying Sandwiches. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

June 2006
Dave Miko Dave Miko

Dave Miko is a painter who lives and works in New York City. He recently had his first solo exhibition, "Quiet Enough," at Wallspace Gallery in New York.

April 2006
Craig Taylor Craig Taylor
Collections and P's

Craig Taylor is a painter who lives and works in New York City.

March 2006
Kora Manheimer Kora Manheimer

Kora is an artist living and working in New York. She recently returned from a trip to the American South, where she took the pictures featured here.

February 2006
Nicholas Di Genova Nicholas Di Genova

Also known as Medium, Nicholas Di Genova is an artist living and working in Toronto. His work can be seen on the streets of Toronto, in galleries across North America and Europe, and in books such as Pictoplasma 2 and Time to Chew. Last year, he and Sean McCarthy had a two-person show in New York.

January 2006
Billy Mavreas Billy Mavreas

Billy Mavreas is an artist and proprietor of the avant-garde curiosity shop Monastiraki in Montreal. His work has been collected in two books, The Overlords of Glee and Mutations: The Posters of Billy Mavreas, both published by Conundrum Press. He is also a member of the online art community Strawpixel, where the webbunnies first appeared.

December 2005
Henry Stokes Henry Stokes
How I Dide

The Anonymous Philanthropist has been here since the beginning, regaling all with cheer and good will.

November 2005
Christopher Patch Christopher Patch
Drawings & Paintings

Christopher Patch makes paintings, drawings and paper sculptures. Originally from Maine, he now resides in Brooklyn, NY.

September 2005
Jeronimo Elespe Jeronimo Elespe

Jeronimo Elespe is a painter who was born in Madrid, Spain, and now lives and works in New York City.

August 2005
Danica Novgorodoff Danica Novgorodoff
Circus Song

Danica Novgorodoff is a painter, photographer, graphic novelist and cowgirl from Kentucky who now lives in New York City. Circus Song was made in collaboration with Oana Marian.

July 2005
Melissa Barrett Melissa Barrett

Melissa Barrett is an artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She was recently included in the "Crossing Disciplines/Drawing" show at Pratt Institute, and will be represented by Nahcotta Gallery at the forthcoming Affordable Art Fair in NYC.

May 2005
Andy Bodor Andy Bodor
Eleven Years of Bad Will

Andy Bodor is an artist, musician, impresario and agent provocateur who lives and works in New York City. His latest comics project is the 2004 (R)advent X-Mas Calendar, 25 days worth of mini-comics by 25 different artists packed into a convenient take-out container, the proceeds from which will benefit his latest entrepreneurial venture, the Cake Shop.

December 2004
Jeffrey Lewis Jeffrey Lewis
Four Seasons

Jeffrey Lewis is an artist and musician who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Jeff's latest comics project is GUFF, a magazine-sized collection of his stories that includes a free CDR of his music. He has two full-length albums available through Rough Trade, and the drawings featured here are from a limited edition box set released by the Hallso record label in England.

November 2004
Theo Rosenblum Theo Rosenblum

Theo Rosenblum is an artist who lives and works in New York City. His comic "The Birth of Death" will appear in See How Pretty See How Smart no. 3.

October 2004
Zak Smith Zak Smith
Girls w/ Octopuses

Images from the mural-sized painting 100 Girls and 100 Octopuses, first seen here at Partyka.

September 2004
John Mejias John Mejias
Sounds Familiar

John Mejias is our pal and the editor of Paping, the comics zine for punk public school teachers. He lives in New York City.

August 2004
Tanja Geis Tanja Geis

Tanja Geis grew up in Hong Kong and now lives and works in New York.

July 2004
Craig Taylor Craig Taylor
Flowers in the Skull

Craig Taylor is a painter who lives and works in New York City.

June 2004
Zak Smith Zak Smith
Silver Lining

In spite of being a successful artist with prestigious institutional support, Zak still responds to our last-minute requests for comics with results so maddeningly inspired they bring tears to our eyes.

May 2004
Khoi Uong Khoi Uong

The photologger extraordinaire of Infrangible fame is deadly with a Nikon. He can also get jiggy with a litho crayon.

April 2004
Henry Stokes Henry Stokes

The Anonymous Philanthropist has been here since the beginning, regaling all with cheer and good will.

March 2004
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