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Guest ArtistHenry Stokes

November 2005

The Anonymous Philanthropist has been here since the beginning, regaling all with cheer and good will.
November 2005 Shift Alt Insert
March 2004 Chickens
Featured Item
Anonymous Philanthropist: Amusements by Henry Stokes

Anonymous Philanthropist: Amusements
by Henry Stokes

$3 | 20 pages | 5.5" x 8.5" | b&w xeroxed

Thought the Anonymous Philanthropist had only one trick up his sleeve, the wildly successful metafictional children's show Furnitures the Great Brown Oaf? Think again! This diverting miscellany features the struggles of Young Nixon and his Parallel Pals against the Commie Swami, those of diabolical villainess Lisa Snivel against all other super-villains, the wholesomely absurd adventures of a monkey and a slice of pie, and other characteristically clever vignettes from the desk of Henry Stokes.

Sold Out

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