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Guest ArtistJoey Weiser

April 2009

Joey Weiser grew up in Bloomington, Indiana where he learned to love all things mundane but appreciate some good fantasy now and then. He currently lives in Athens, Georgia with his beautiful wife, Michele, and their naturally fat feline, Eddie.
April 2009 Kaiju Life
Featured Items
Tales of Unusual Circumstance by Joey Weiser

Tales of Unusual Circumstance
by Joey Weiser

$10 | 144 pages | 6" x 9" | printed by AuthorHouse

Tales of Unusual Circumstance is a compilation of short comics by Joey Weiser. Its contents include work from anthologies, mini-comics, and more! In addition to collecting 4 years of Weiser's comics, Tales features 48 pages of original material!

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The Ride Home by Joey Weiser

The Ride Home
by Joey Weiser

$8.95 | 168 pages | 5" x 7.5" | published by AdHouse Books

Follow the adventures of Nodo The Van-Gnome as he tries to find his lost home on wheels. During his quest he'll meet sewer dragons, junkyard trolls, and a cow or two. A fun, all-ages romp of a story created by newcomer Joey Weiser.

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The Late-Night Gang by Joey Weiser

The Late-Night Gang
by Joey Weiser

$2 | 16 pages | 5.5" x 7" | b&w xeroxed

From the pages of Tales of Unusual Circumstance comes The Late-Night Gang! Featuring three stories starring Henry of the Black Lagoon, Victor Vampire, and Andrew, Son of Frankenstein!

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