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Guest Artist: John Mejias

August 2004

John Mejias is our pal and the editor of Paping, the comics zine for punk public school teachers. He is also the mastermind behind the Paping Soapbox Derby. He lives in New York City.
August 2004 Sounds Familiar
Featured Items
Paping 14: We All Scream for Silkscreen edited by John Mejias

Paping #16: The Teachers Edition
edited by John Mejias

$10 | 80 pages | 9" x 12" | spot color printed

This oversized volume collects all of John's teaching stories from the first eight issues of Paping. Follow Mr. M's never-dull adventures and ruminations through reprinted classics like the Mural Story (fabulously re-drawn), the ESL Story, and the Jasmine Story. And that's not all! The round-up also features a short story written by Jody Buckles and illustrated by John; a comic by Shawn Cheng; and a painting by William Crump. Each cover is individually silkscreened, natch.

"A package of wonderful value."
— Tom Spurgeon

Out of Stock

Paping 14: We All Scream for Silkscreen edited by John Mejias

Paping #14: We All Scream for Silkscreen
edited by John Mejias

$30 | 48 pages | 11" x 8.5" | silkscreened, blockprinted & xeroxed

Mr. Mejias and company take it up a notch in this hefty tome that's part comics anthology, part prints portfolio, and totally kick-ass. Features silkscreened comics by Matt Wiegle, Jeff Lewis, John Mejias, and Zak Smith; xeroxed comics by Dave Miko and Sara Edward-Corbett (housed in an exquisite linocut/hand-drawn envelope); and monster prints by Billy Mavreas, Shawn Cheng, and Sean McCarthy. Plus, each wood cover sports a unique design, burned and stained by hand. One-time limited print run of 200, so get one while you can!

"Simply might be the best comics anthology of its kind."
— The Comics Journal

"Paping demonstrates a staggering amount of talent and effort."
— Punk Planet

"Like having a really great art exhibit sitting on your shelf ready to be touched, read, and admired."
— Maximum Rock N' Roll

Preview   1   2   3   4

Sold Out

Paping 11: Us and Them edited by John Mejias

Paping #11: Us and Them
edited by John Mejias

$8 | 64 pages | 8.5" x 11" | b&w printed

The biggest Paping issue yet (letter-sized, 64 pages) features comics by Andy Bodor, Shawn Cheng, Sara Edward-Corbett, Drew Gold, Jeffrey Lewis, Sean McCarthy, John Mejias, Dave Miko, Scott Peffley, Zak Smith and Matt Wiegle. Professionally printed, perfect-bound, with a deluxe 4-color silkscreened book jacket designed by Dave Miko (colors vary).

"Breaks the mold of comics anthologies in a lot of ways."
Comic Book Galaxy

"Essential Stuff for fans of DIY graphic storytelling."
— Maximum Rock N' Roll

"Fucking gorgeous." — Razorcake

Out of Stock

Paping 10: Say As I Do edited by John Mejias

Paping #10: Say As I Do
edited by John Mejias

$4 | 48 pages | 5.5" x 8.5" | b&w printed

This is the issue we've been saving our nickels for. Paping #10 boasts 48 professionally printed pages of paternal parables, featuring Zak Smith, Drew Gold, Shawn Cheng, Sean McCarthy, Peter Maddalena, Meredith Gaydosh, Andy Bodor, and the inimitable Mr. M himself – John Mejias gives us 14 linocut pages of "The Teacher's Edition" that must be seen to be believed.

"It's beautiful." — NewPages

Out of Stock

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