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Guest ArtistJuliacks

May 2009

JULIACKS is a comics and multi-media installation and performance artist. She tells stories about loss through transformation. She is also a wanderer and has lived in California, Germany, New Jersey, and Pittsburgh. Right now she lives in Los Angeles. She may go wandering again.

Juliacks is currently working on two books, Rock That Never Sleeps, published by Sparkplug Comic Books, that premiers in June; and Swell, the complete book, should be out in October. Find them at and
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Featured Items
Rock That Never Sleeps by Olga Volozova & Juliacks

Rock That Never Sleeps
by Olga Volozova & Juliacks

36 pages | 9" x 6" | published by Sparkplug Comic Books

Rock That Never Sleeps is part folk tale and part science fiction. This futuristic comic book is set in a California desert ghost town. The town, Rock That Never Sleeps, is a sprawling junkyard "where objects are thrown away and where memories live on forever." In this world, all have lost their memory and the only way to remember something is through an object. In the story, two families of sages from the past and the future travel to this town to search for the memories they have lost. With the help of discarded keys, plastic forks, and wooden puppets the characters access their forgotten past-and are able to pass on.

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Swell, Parts One and Two by Juliacks

Parts One and Two
by Juliacks

22 & 24 pages | 11" x 11" | self-published with the help of grants from Carnegie Mellon University

Swell tells the story of Emmeline Grouse and her family in the midst of grief for Lucy, the sister and daughter of the family who has recently died. The first segment, Swell Part One: Open Faced Sandwich, has been characterized by Robert Clough of The Comics Journal as the "Mini-comic of the year for 2008 and one of the best explorations of memory and its connection to emotion," "impressive, dense stuff" by Joe McCulloch of the Jog Likes Comics blog and "A kaleidoscope of shapes, patterns, and angles" by Shawn Hoke of the Size Matters blog.

Part One is sold out. Part Two and complete book should be out in October.

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Swell, Parts One and Two by Juliacks

Thee Coyote: Antelope Eater
by Juliacks
a collaboration with Ben Bigelow

20 pages | self-published, with hand-cut screenprinted cover

This is a fantastical narrative about Andy Yak, a young man struggling with the decay of his mother who has multiple sclerosis. When his life becomes too much to handle, he slips into a fantasy world. Through escaping into the fantasy realm Andy Yak must deal with his reality.

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The Tale of Old Lady Merrell by Juliacks

The Tale of Old Lady Merrell
by Juliacks

68 pages | 6" x 9" | full color, printed by Lulu

This is a tale of love and loneliness between an elderly woman and her pervasive creation of handmade dolls. The Tale of Old Lady Merrell is a modern day fairy tale, where fantasy and reality combine within the mind instead of the magical realm.

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