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Guest ArtistMK Reed

March 2009

MK Reed is a writer/cartoonist and lives in a halfway house for cartooning types in Brooklyn. She is part of the glorious union of Punchbuggy Studios with Liz Baillie & Matt Wiegle, and is currently working on her own comics at
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Always Comix Volume 4: The Activity Issue edited by Erin Griffin & Sally Bloodbath

Cross Country
by MK Reed

$10 | 112 pages | 6" x 9" | perfect-bound

MK Reed has an ear for what's funny, and a polished dry delivery that makes her comics exciting to read. Cross Country is about protagonist Ben's journey across America. But far from the traditional wild and unbridled roadtrip, Ben's trapped on a corporate business trip with his co-worker Greg, who is a total jerk. The story follows Ben as he visits his ex-girlfriend, writes a series of seething postcards, and tries his damnedest not to kill Greg.

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