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Guest ArtistOlga Volozova

February 2009

Olga Volozova is an L.A.-based artist/writer; she does illustration, cartoons, web design, some of her projects also involve puppets, claymation and paper dioramas.

She was born in Russia, where she started writing and publishing her tales and puppet plays.

Olga's book The Airy Tales has been published by Sparkplug Books (Portland, Oregon).
February 2009 The Airy Tales and Other Things
Featured Item
The Airy Tales by Olga Volozova

The Airy Tales
by Olga Volozova

$15 | 128 pages | 9" x 6 | published by Sparkplug Books

A collection of light and delightful short stories that "aim to dissolve sadness." Olga manages to capture the wonder and whimsy of fairy tales with a unique, effortless cadence.

Buy from

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