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Guest ArtistOnsmith

August 2006

Onsmith lives in Chicago with his girlfriend and two cats named after mythical reindeer. His comics, prints, and illustrations have appeared in the Chicago Reader, the Portland Mercury, The Common Review, Hotwire Comix and Capers, Vice Magazine, Graphics Classics, and may also be viewed at
August 2006 Rummage Drawer
Featured Item
Hotwire Comix and Capers edited by Glenn Head

Hotwire Comix and Capers Vol. 1
edited by Glenn Head

$19.95 | 136 pages | 9" x 12" | published by Fantagraphics Books

From Fantagraphics:
A full-throttle, kick-ass jolt to the nervous system, a return to the glory days of underground/alternative comics. Edited by New York cartoonist Glenn Head (who put together the classic 1990s trilogy of Snake Eyes anthologies), Hotwire Comix is a big, bold, beautiful poke to the old eyeballs featuring short, punchy, hilarious, all-around comics 'n' stories.

Buy from

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