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Guest ArtistPeter Maddalena

January 2010

Peter Maddalena teaches art at an elementary school in The Bronx, NY. Four years ago he began what he intends to be a lifelong project of drawing a face a day in the subway on his way to work from Brooklyn to the Bronx. After work, he trudges home, including a nice long nap on the train, and then turns the morning's sketches into woodcuts. He makes murals from the woodcuts with each face acting as a pixel in a larger image.
January 2010 Faces
Featured Item
Paping 10: Say As I Do edited by John Mejias

Paping #10: Say As I Do
edited by John Mejias

$4 | 48 pages | 5.5" x 8.5" | b&w printed

This is the issue we've been saving our nickels for. Paping #10 boasts 48 professionally printed pages of paternal parables, featuring Zak Smith, Drew Gold, Shawn Cheng, Sean McCarthy, Peter Maddalena, Meredith Gaydosh, Andy Bodor, and the inimitable Mr. M himself – John Mejias gives us 14 linocut pages of "The Teacher's Edition" that must be seen to be believed.

"It's beautiful." — NewPages

Out of Stock

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