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Seven More Days of Not Getting Eaten
by Matt Wiegle

$4 | 76 pages | 4.25" x 3.625" | b&w xeroxed

Teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime," goes the old axiom. Well, fine, Mr. Axiom, but while you're busy encouraging every oaf in the kingdom to trudge down to the river with a crudely made pole, the fish will be busy teaching themselves whatever trickery will help them survive. In this book, fishkind bamboozles mankind for seven days. Also: punching; dampness; screams of terror.

Ignatz Nominated for the 2007 Ignatz Award
for Outstanding Mini-Comic

Maisie Kukoc Nominated for the 2007 Maisie Kukoc Award
for Comics Inspiration

"Matt's mini-comics have not missed yet."
— Shawn Hoke

"Conceptually sound, accomplished in its execution and frequently funny."
— Tom Spurgeon

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Seven More Days of Not Getting Eaten

by Matt Wiegle

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