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See How Pretty, See How Smart No. 4
edited by Sean McCarthy & Craig Taylor

$5 | 28 pages | 8.5" x 11" | b&w xeroxed

Now co-edited by painter Craig Taylor (who designed the two-color silkscreen cover), this scatology- and eschatology-themed anthology features Andy Bodor's recollections of bizarre childhood hallucinations and a tribute to his former band, Loafmeister; three of Christian Holstad's creepily poignant "Eraserhead" drawings; thematically appropriate animal and monster drawings by Sean McCarthy; a lovingly abject glimpse into Jackson Pollock's daily life by Chris Patch; Zak Smith's comics about an ill-mannered pig, two smacking bastards and some nasty, nasty men; a rogues' gallery of filthy, pitiable creatures by Craig; two typically hilarious and impressively crafted comics by Matt Wiegle; and a strangely tasteful vision of a post-cultural diarrhea exhibit by Kevin Zucker. Sure to disturb and alienate nearly everyone.

"Pheh." — Razorcake

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See How Pretty, See How Smart No. 4

edited by Sean McCarthy & Craig Taylor

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