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Guest ArtistRob Sato

July 2006

Rob Sato is the author and illustrator of the comic book Burying Sandwiches. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.
July 2006 Burying Sandwiches Sketches
June 2006 Paintings & Drawings
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Burying Sandwiches by Rob Sato

Burying Sandwiches
by Rob Sato

$7.95 | 56 pages | 8.5" x 8.5" | b&w printed

Rob's first book is a Xeric Award-winning comic which follows the life of a girl afflicted with a supernatural eating disorder. Deliberately paced and exquisitely drawn.

"The best comic book I've read or seen in a looooooong time."
— David Choe

"(Sato's) science fiction is inventive and fun, his fantasy vibrant and funny. His reality is exaggerated and twisted..."
Cliff Face Comics

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