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Guest ArtistSarah England

July 2007

Sarah England is a Brooklyn-based, 9-to-5 college textbook editor, haphazard printmaker, and subway sketcher whose favorite medium is blue ballpoint pen. If you catch her eye on the 2/3 train try to doze off or at least sit still.
July 2007 Variations with Clark Kent's Haircolor
Featured Item
21st Century Astronomy

21st Century Astronomy
Second Edition

by Jeff Hester, David Burstein, George Blumenthal, Ronald Greeley, Bradford Smith, Howard Voss

$72 | 726 pages | 10.7" x 8.9" | published by W. W. Norton

This extraordinarily readable, cohesive text presents twenty-first century astronomy as a dynamic story of theory building and theory testing, as a fascinating process of observation and discovery. With a clear focus on core concepts and carefully crafted pedagogical aids, 21st Century Astronomy chronicles scientists at work on the most important questions about the Universe, highlighting the excitement of making new discoveries and the puzzlement created by new lines of inquiry.

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