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Guest ArtistStuart Kolakovic

April 2008

Stuart Kolakovic hails from the Midlands, England; home to Black Sabbath and Industrial pollution. He has an unhealthy obsession with all things Slavic and is constantly worrying that he could one day go blind. His first attempt at a longer, more sustained comic (or "graphic novel" if you can handle the term without gagging) titled "Milorad", won an International D&AD New Blood Award. He is currently wasting his life making a second book called "Carries No Swallow", a story about two brothers growing up in Serbia during WWII.
April 2008 Illustrations
Featured Items
Je Ljubav Te by Stuart Kolakovic

Ja Ljubav Te
by Stuart Kolakovic

$2 | 42 pages | approx 2.2" x 1.7" | full colour laserjet

Originally designed to be dispensed from a converted vending machine that has exhibited all over the U.K., this matchbox size comic book is inspired by an old Serbian folk song. The title is Serbian for "I love you". Printed on 100% recycled Five Seasons paper.

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A Gosling by Stuart Kolakovic

A Gosling
by Stuart Kolakovic

$4 | 16 pages | approx 4" x 5.7" | full colour laserjet

Again, originally designed to be dispensed from a handmade vending machine that has exhibited all over the U.K. The story is influenced by Stuart's love for Eastern European folklore and revolves around a boy trying to convince his Dad to let him keep an abandoned Gosling he found whilst out working in the fields. Printed onto Heritage White 200 gsm paper, machine stitched and has a 260 gsm dust jacket.

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