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Guest ArtistWilliam Crump

May 2008

William Crump is a painter and ex-hillbilly from North Carolina. He lives with his wife and one year old daughter in New York City.

His website is in need of a serious makeover, but he is too busy changing diapers. Here are a few of his new drawings from a series called High Lonesome.
May 2008 High Lonesome
Featured Item
Paping 14: We All Scream for Silkscreen edited by John Mejias

Paping #16: The Teachers Edition
edited by John Mejias

$10 | 80 pages | 9" x 12" | spot color printed

This oversized volume collects all of John's teaching stories from the first eight issues of Paping. Follow Mr. M's never-dull adventures and ruminations through reprinted classics like the Mural Story (fabulously re-drawn), the ESL Story, and the Jasmine Story. And that's not all! The round-up also features a short story written by Jody Buckles and illustrated by John; a comic by Shawn Cheng; and a painting by William Crump. Each cover is individually silkscreened, natch.

"A package of wonderful value."
— Tom Spurgeon

Out of Stock

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